Cherry Wood Meditation Coasters

Cherry Wood Meditation Coasters


Price Marked for Single Coaster

Coasters are programmed to enhance energetic systems and can be used as anchors or totems for transitive meditation.

Wood from trees grown on location and cut from branches downed in storms or trimmed for the health of the tree. Pieces are hand selected, cut, sanded, and adorned according to their energetic purpose.

Cherrywood gets stronger and bolder with time and offers the power of Goddess energy, strength, and sweetness. Cherry Coasters are great companions for connectivity, manifestation, release, and love workings

  • Care Instructions

    Allow to charge/cleanse in the Sun occasionally.

    Do not allow liquid to sit on coasters for an extended period of time. 

  • Extended Processing Time

    Processing of the coasters takes 10-14 business days

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