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Fiya Reiki is an advanced reiki system that incorporates mindful meditation and mindful movement of the energetic and physical bodies. 

When you book a consultation you are commiting to aligning yourself with your higher and lower self as well as having a deeper connecting to your life force energy or Holy Breath.


All Reiki Readings come set with an intention. We ignite the flame together as we speak and the candle is kept burning until the mission is complete. During the reading we may use tarot, oracle, charms, or nothing at all. Expect clairty and wisdom as you journey along. 

Bring an open mind and accept great joy. You will lift your vibration as soon as you book. You are peace, you are divine essence, you are truth. All that you need resides in you!


Rise up from the ashes and be reborn. With Mindful movement and Mindful Meditation we get to the root and source of the way you think. We work together to cultivate healthy thought patterns that promote wellness, awareness, and focus. Take your power back and learn to think for yourself. This program is a coaching session where we work together a few consecutive months. Learn to move energy with in the mind space and body to promote healthy patterns and a lifestyle of wellness. 

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Group counsel is dedicated to at Low- cost in support of Unity. Set up is the ability to do group work with in families and relationships who need a change of energy and inspiration to overcome challenges and differences. An extended offer for grieving families who need a shoulder t cry on or some direction on how to move forward in peace, 


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